Mandated Reporter
Training System

Looking for a cost-effective way to train and track mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect?

The Center for the Application of Information Technologies (CAIT) at Western Illinois University offers a proven online mandated reporter training and tracking system with content that may be repurposed and tailored to your specific needs. Consider the following benefits and contact us today for more information.

Engaging online training offers…

  • Existing content ready to repurpose to meet your organization's policies and practices
  • Interactive practice opportunities
  • ADA compliance (e.g., captions for video or animations, web pages optimized for accessibility)
  • A responsive design scalable from desktop to mobile devices

Custom tracking system includes…

  • A customizable reporter registration system that captures data needed to prove compliance
  • Bookmarked pages that allow reporters to log out and return
  • A certificate of completion to download, print, or email directly to an employer
  • Usage reports that may be viewed online, printed, or downloaded as an Excel file

Excellent return on your investment by…

  • Repurposing existing mandated reporter training content from Illinois DCFS or Washington DC CFSA
  • Lowering your cost to reach each reporter (cost varies by quantity of participants)
  • Extending your reach to more mandated reporters who, in turn, help to keep more children safe

CAIT's expert assistance provides…

  • Professional web developers and instructional designers to help you tailor the content
  • Experienced graphic designers and animators to create new or repurpose existing engaging interactions
  • A support desk offering phone and email support seven days per week
  • Alternative solutions if your organization currently uses a course management system

The CAIT employees were great to work with through the repurposing and development process. We communicated through virtual meetings, emails, and phone calls resulting in an engaging, effective solution to train our mandatory reporters.

For a low cost per reporter, we can effectively train and track our mandated reporters all over the state… which was impossible before we had the online system. Using the centralized online delivery, the cost to train each reporter dropped to under $0.50!

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